Eventi e tradizioni

The history of our land in 12 months of festivals, rites and legends.
eventi in puglia

Religious feasts, village festivals, cultural events, food and wine festivals, artisan exhibitions, nights of music and folklore. The Apulian calendar offers joyful moments of conviviality, distributed throughout the year and in every area of the region.

To get to the heart of the atmosphere, confetti is launched on the allegorical floats of the Putignano Carnival, dedicated to a theme that is always different and always masterfully crafted by papier-mâché artists. To mark the beginning of the Carnival, January 17, is the Feast of St. Anthony Abbot, revived in Rutigliano by the colors of the "terracotta whistles" and the immense "focara" which is lit by magnificent fireworks displayed in Novoli.

The cult of San Giuseppe (19 March) is particularly noteworthy, to pay homage to which the sweet scent of fried or baked "zeppole" spreads in the air. Bari opens the spring season with the celebrations in honor of St. Nicholas (7-9 May), the patron saint of the city whose deeds are remembered on 6 December.

During the summer months the most prestigious events of the year are concentrated, those that crowd the squares and highlight the true beauty of Puglia. These include the "International Festival of Valle d'Itria", the "International Festival of the City of Trulli"; "La Ghironda", the "Notte della Taranta" and the literary festival "Il Libro Possibile".

Autumn brings the most intense flavors and pays homage to the typical cuisine through a calendar full of festivals. In the meantime, the artisans are preparing to set up the characteristic nativity scenes, in small shops or in the grand palaces. Surrounded by the scent of "pettole" and vin cotto, visitors stroll through markets and attractions that involve local communities in a unique scenic representation of the nativity.

orecchiette alle cime di rapa

Sapori pugliesi

The best products of the Apulian tradition to delight your palates.

escursioni pugliesi


Excursions: trekking, boat trips and adventure routes: endless ways to discover Puglia.

cultura pugliese

Art and Culture

The glorious past of our region enclosed in authentic masterpieces.

tradizioni pugliesi

Events and Traditions

The history of our land in 12 months of festivals, rites and legends.

Puglia Experience

"Masseria Torre Luce" is located in a strategic position close to the most famous tourist attractions of the area. Thanks to the nearby freeway Strada Statale 16, the main artery linking the North of Bari and Salento, the structure promotes travel between the cities that preserve the art, history, traditions of Puglia. Castles, villages, cathedrals, archaeological sites and natural wonders awaken the heart and mind, witnessing the richness of the Apulian cultural heritage. For a real and pleasant travel experience, start from here ... begin from "Masseria Torre Luce"!
porto di monopoli


Also called "the city of a hundred districts", Monopoli is known for its beautiful coast and for the sandy...

fasano puglia


The city of Fasano, on the border between Salento and the Land of Bari, stands on a territory that extends...

i trulli di alberobello


It is the capital of the trulli, special conical dwellings declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996...

le grotte di castellana

Castellana Grotte

The city is known worldwide for its underground karstic cavities, located about a mile from the town...

il carnevale di putignano


Past and present blend harmoniously between the "chianche" – local stone - of the ancient village...

polignano a mare

Polignano a mare

Overlooking the sea, colored blue and bathed by the sun that heats the panoramic terraces...

ostuni la città bianca


Its strong tourist vocation is based on the beauty of the clear waters, on the efficiency...

basilica di san nicola a bari


It is the largest city in the region, the third largest municipality in southern Italy...

basilica di santa croce a lecce


Deeply linked to its roots, the city of Lecce presents itself as a true "Baroque pearl"...