The History

A fortress of the heart of Puglia
le maldive del salento

It tells of lords and pirates, of seas to be sailed and walls to defend, of rituals, feelings and traditions to be respected. The history of "Masseria Torre Luce" relies on the memories of the noble family "De Luce" and has its roots in the sixteenth century when Saracen raids threatened the Apulian coasts.

Between the blue of the sea and the green of the trees stands the tall fortified tower, the first bastion of sighting against enemies and bandits. From the top of the little bell tower, the alarm is amplified at every stroke down to the garrisons of the Abbey of St. Stefano and the Castle of Carlo V in Monopoli.

Surrounded by lush countryside, "Masseria Torre Luce" reveals its beauty among the large walls and allows access to the court through a main arch. From here, with a leap in time, we reach the underground oil mill, the old stables, the expertly transformed venues and the consecrated chapel dedicated to Saint Lucia and San Vito.

Caressing the most ancient stones, you discover the secrets of the wonderful land of Puglia. Thanks to its privileged position, "Masseria Torre Luce" illuminates the treasures of the region, from the beaches of Capitolo to the Caves of Castellana, from the trulli of Alberobello to the scents of the Valle d'Itria.

Past and present blend together like a brightly colored painting. In the background a future still to be imagined: are you ready to dream with us?

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A door always open on the delicate atmosphere of the fortified farm.

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The orangery spreads its Intense aromas in the air coloring the surroundings orange.

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Bell tower

The little bell tower still scans every toll beyond the blue of the sea, far to the horizon.

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The stones of the chapel are imbued with the thoughts and prayers of the sailors who came here to worship Santa Lucia and San Vito.